You & Your Health Practitioner

You and Your Health Practitioner

Who really wants to go see a doctor who they don’t have a good relationship with? For some, getting to the doctor can be challenging enough, so any extra difficulties only heighten an already tense experience.  This is true with any type of doctor, but, given how personal our yonis are, it can be even more intense.  What is the result?  For many women, it means missing annual pap smears, missing the opportunity to catch issues in advance that could improve their health and/or fertility; and lastly, missing the jewels of getting their own specific yoni questions answered.

Many years back, I went to a gynecologist, who treated me like she was working an assembly line, and I was just a product passing by on her conveyer belt. It was terrible! I avoided going to the gynecologist for many years.  Fortunately, I found someone who loved her work, and realized that care and individualized attention were essential.

If you feel even slightly uncomfortable with your gynecologist or obstetrician, I strongly urge you to consider finding a practitioner whom you are comfortable with. You and your yoni deserve that! In addition to finding a good gynecologist or obstetrician, consider seeing a well woman’s care provider.  They are usually registered nurses and/or midwives, and can offer you natural or integrative treatment options. Here are two in the New York area: Jeanette Breene and Memaniye Cinque.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett