Women’s Cycles: Understanding Herstory

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-vector-silhouette-generation-women-white-background-image49118882In the ancient text of Chinese Medicine, it is cited that women’s growth changes happen in a cycle of seven.  Having an understanding of these cycles can help to know on an energetic level more of what is happening in you and/or a loved one.  It can also help to know and give your body more of what it may need. CLICK TO TWEET THIS!!!!

At age seven, it is said that a girl’s kidney energy becomes full.  A key factor that seems to support this stage is excellent nutrition, as this helps the energy of the spleen and the whole body.  The energy of the spleen also has an important relationship with the kidneys for health preservation for our whole lives. At age fourteen, important channels or energy pathways (in Asian Medicine) open and this allows menstruation to happen.  It is key to give/have the proper lifestyle information for a healthy menstrual cycle, as well as contraception, since conception is now possible.  At age twenty-one, the kidney energy is very strong, and as a result, health is flourishing.  Making healthy lifestyle choices is helpful for the future, but the results of unhealthy lifestyle choices are not usually as easily seen at this point.

Age twenty-eight is said to be the time where energetic development is complete, as well as, the health of the bones and tendons.  For this reason, it is considered to be the acme of a woman’s health.  Obviously, this does not mean ‘its over’ for those of us who are thirty and up.  It just means that we have to make sure to supplement our health, because the effects can show up sooner and its impact is more extensive.

At age thirty five, the stomach and large intestine channels are said to begin to deplete.  As these channels go to our face, affect our muscles, and hair, we may begin to notice changes.  Proper diet is essential and our signature blend, Feminine Balance was created for this very purpose. feminine_balance

At age forty-two, other channels that correspond to the large intestine and stomach also decline.  At age forty-nine, the channel that overflowed at age fourteen, also empties and menses often will cease.

Age fifty-six, sixty-three, seventy, seventy-seven, eighty-four, ninety-one and up, women continue to go through different cycles, whether it be on a spiritual, emotional, or occurrence level.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett