What kind of cycler are you? A Sustainable cycler!

(Ruby Gertz of Sustainable Cycles left and Dr. Danett right each holding menstrual cups)

Please enjoy this audio interview with Ruby Gertz of Sustainable Cycles, as we explore menstrual hygiene products that are healthy for our yonis and our Mother Earth.

Here are some key highlights from the interview:

– There are a variety of options for menstrual hygiene products that are reusable, which reduces a woman’s contribution to the waste on our planet, as well as spending on these products.

– Reusable menstrual hygiene products include: menstrual cups, reusable pads and sea sponges.

– Menstrual cups are a favorite for some women because of its ease of use and physical comfort. This can be particularly useful for women whom live a physically active life.

– It is recommended to use menstrual cups for 3 months to get the hang of it.

– Menstrual cups and other sustainable menstrual hygiene products are available for sale in many health food stores, drug stores, and online, including our online store.

– To learn more about Sustainable Cycles visit the website, sustainablecycles.org.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett



Sustainable Interview Pic 1

Menstrual Cups, Reusable Pads and Sea Sponge