Want a healthy yoni? Tip #4: Get Eco-Friendly

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-charmer-image5275363Want a Healthy Yoni? Tip #4: Get Eco-Friendly

hase’s slogan is spot on… “The right relationship is everything”, and totally applies to yoni health as well.  As women, we are yin (as opposed to yang, which is male), meaning our nature is to be receptive. Our yoni is receptive as well, in that it is constantly exchanging information with its environment- be it underwear, a pad, a partner, etc. Because this area is always open, conscious choices of what we have around that part of us is essential for yoni health.

It is also important to remember that our yoni has a whole series of complex interactions, which makes it an ecosystem all its own. One well women’s care provider I know has the term “Gyn-Ecology” on her business card, referring to the ecology of our yonis. This is essentially the relationship between organisms that exist inside our yonis, as well as, our yoni itself.  These organisms extend beyond yeast, or an organism that you’d want to get rid of, but the things that keep our yonis healthy as well.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore the right relationships for a healthy yoni.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett