The Right Relationship: You & Your Yoni (Pt. 2 of 2)

The Right Relationship: You & Your Yoni (Pt. 2 of 2)

We have to decide that we are safe enough, and that it’s important enough to pay attention to our yonis. What do I mean by pay attention? I mean going beyond the things we do to just get by, to broadening our understanding of our yoni’s power and all of the important information that it gives us. We can spend so much time staring in the mirror at blemishes, wrinkles or other things with our face and bodies, when many of us don’t know what our yoni really looks like.  If there was ever an issue we have no way to compare how it was prior. Many times because we’ve been told that vaginal smells shouldn’t exist, we perfume and deodorize ourselves, missing keys that could give us important clues about our health. Our choices and actions have affected and changed so many of our lives.

Okay, okay. I’m getting down from my soap box, but not before giving us all a fun homework assignment! Pay more attention to your yoni, by doing the following…

  1. Take a mirror and look at it.
  2. Take note of its different secretions and smells.
  3. Do you have a particular reaction, let’s say after having a drink, or using different condoms?

Remember that knowing more about our yonis gives us a baseline to understanding more about our essence as women, and how to be healthier. Enjoy!

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett