The Detox That Saved Me

After my father passed I found myself wanting foods that I don’t usually eat and in large quantities, like a tub of chocolate mousse. Yes a tub. I knew something was going to need to shift to not allow the emotions that I was having cloud what I know as a health professional and what I know is good for me.

I decided to do a detox. I gave myself one weekend to allow myself to have comfort foods- macaroni and cheese, chocolate ice cream, etc. All of these foods were dairy free and gluten free, but still not what I typically eat. Mainly because I believe in functional nutrition, food that directs health in the best direction possible.

That Monday, I started the detox and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I began to feel energized, which helped to uplift my mood. Also because of how nutrient rich the detox shakes and my diet was, I felt more satiated and lost the desire to snack. Doing this detox made me have to be more active with my food preparation, which I believe is one of the key obstacles to being healthy. And most of all, detoxing and eating cleaner helped me to better process the major loss of my dad. Throughout the 4 weeks, my mind and skin became clearer and I slept more restfully. I just felt better.

I know this detox helped save me from a downward spiral of bad eating, which would have decreased my health and quality of life. Mainly because it helped me to be extra conscious of what I was eating at a time when I just wanted to use food to escape my grief. It helped my body to feel loved and it decreased my toxic load, which in turn helped me to feel more vital. This gave me the strength to face my pain cleanly. It allowed me to not just look at the loss of my dad, but more clearly look at all that I truly gained from being his daughter.

Since my success with this detox, I’ve done it numerous times, and each time after completing it, my health and choices around keeping my body healthy improve. I have added in key lifestyle recommendations and created a program that I’ve witnessed patients enjoy many benefits from.  These additional benefits of the detox include improved digestion, balanced hormones, reproductive wellness and better weight management, including healthy weight loss.

To learn more about this powerful and amazing detox program, click here.

Love being a woman,
Dr. Danett