“As mothers and women we often, if not always, put everyone and everything first. After 19 years I have finally found a holistic practitioner who works with me to help me regain balance and maintain passion for my own wellbeing. Dr. Danett has been wonderful and has provided me with a great amount of assistance since my first meeting with her. She is exceptionally thoughtful and thorough with her evaluation process and analysis. Within a matter of months I have experienced a tremendous amount of improvement in all of my concerns which caused me to seek her assistance in the first place. The herb recommendations, the detox plan, the regular virtual check-ins have all been very helpful in relieving me of the imbalance and pain that I have dealt with since having my son 19 years ago and especially my daughter 12 years ago. I suffered from painfully chronic cramps, abdominal discomfort, excess loss of blood and a wide range of emotional and energy imbalances every month. My life literally revolved around my periods. Meeting her and having her assistance has been an extreme calm in the storm and I am very grateful for the experience. I encourage any and everyone who seeks to regain a self empowered, balanced experience and an educated holistically progressive connection to the ever changing aspects of life—make an appointment with her.


“I had a horrible-ish pregnancy with my 3rd child. I had never gone to my due date and I was pretty much there ready for this baby to come out. Dr. Danett did some points on me and I got some rest, then went into labor in the morning. By the time the midwife came, I was in the last stage of labor. The path was open and she came out easily. I am so grateful to Dr. Danett for helping my labor to progress and for being so caring and tender in my time of frustration.”


“When I reflect on the treatment I have received from Dr. Danett, I am filled with such gratitude. Through following her recommendations of herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle recommendations my suffering has eased from fibromyalgia, PTSD, depression, menstrual discomfort and smoking cessation. I could not imagine that I could feel so much better from where I began. Today, I’m not in pain anymore, the world is a much brighter place and I have a beautiful daughter! I’m deeply grateful for the healing from Dr. Danett. There is no way to truly thank her enough.”


“I have known Dr. Danett for nearly 9 years. Over the years, each one of my family members and friends that I have referred to Dr. Danett adore her. There have been many occasions where she has literally saved my life. The healing journey can be experienced as transformation — the little death and rebirth. When you don’t know what is wrong and how to go about healing, it can be very frightening. On each occasion when I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Danetf work with me through my healing journey, I was indeed reborn and grateful to have been lovingly cared for, listened to and heard. Her vast body of knowledge, and experience, combined with her intuitive knowing of what to do and how to do it is an invaluable combination. I am very grateful to have Dr. Danett in my life and am blessed when it comes to my healing journey because I am cared for and healed by an Angel. Thanks Dr. Daneff. You are the best.”


"Dr. Danett, I am so grateful for you and the attention and care you have provided me over the years. I am healthier because of you!”


“Dr. Danett is a god send. I don’t know what I would do without her!”


“Thank you Dr. Danett for being such an amazing healer to me all of these years!”