Tip #7: Decrease your fibroids, increase your health!

Tip #6 To Boost Fertility: Snack on some seaweed!

Tip #5 To Boost Fertility: Keep it simple and B Complex!


Tip #3 To Boost Fertility: Have Regular Doctors Visits And Follow Up!

Tip #2 To Boost Fertility: See fertility as an extension of your health!

Boost Fertility: See Fertility As An Extension Of Your Health!
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New Yoni’s Resolution #4: Book that gyn visit

If you didn’t have a gynecologist visit last year, please make a resolution to do so. The more information that one has regarding their health the better- always. Whether this information is that you are totally healthy, or that there is something going on that requires your attention, knowledge is power. Click here for more.… Continue reading New Yoni’s Resolution #4: Book that gyn visit

Water For Fertility!

Okay, okay. So this month’s cycle was all about water, so what could I possibly have to say about water and ovulation? As we know, ovulation is the time of our cycle when we as women are able to conceive. Whether you would like to get pregnant or not, drinking enough water is vital to… Continue reading Water For Fertility!

Motherhood: The Pressure.

                          Who am I to talk about not being a mother when I am one? Well, for the majority of my life (to date), I have not been a mother. And while the topic of being one  can be beyond sensitive and tricky… Continue reading Motherhood: The Pressure.

You & Your Health Practitioner

You and Your Health Practitioner Who really wants to go see a doctor who they don’t have a good relationship with? For some, getting to the doctor can be challenging enough, so any extra difficulties only heighten an already tense experience.  This is true with any type of doctor, but, given how personal our yonis… Continue reading You & Your Health Practitioner