Neem: Natural Birth Control or Urban Legend?

YB Blog Nov 5 NeemNeem is an herb that has been used in India and surrounding regions for it’s many therapeutic benefits. Some of these properties include it being antimicrobial and antifungal. Derived from a tree, some say this miraculous herb is also an effective method of birth control. For women it is applied vaginally and for men, it is suggested that it be taken internally or applied topically to the penis. Neem is said to kill sperm within thirty seconds and up to five hours after exposure.

The key thing is making sure that the neem is being used in an accurate therapeutic dosage if being used as a method of contraception. This special ratio is said to be available in products in India, and perhaps other parts of the world, but has not yet made it to the US.

The verdict on neem:

There seem to be mixed reviews. Some people have used it and found it to be effective, others found it to not be effective. If you decide to try out neem, make certain to use additional forms of contraception, to protect yourself from any sexually transmitted infections (even though it kills pathogens) and for effectiveness, until you are certain otherwise.