Motherhood: The Question (Part 1)

So you’re thinking maybe one day you’d like to have a baby?? Something inside of you believes it will happen, but you also want to make sure that when the time is right, your yoni (the vagina, womb and all of its parts) will be working well.  As we get older, we get wiser and more equipped to take on the depths of parenthood.  Simultaneously, our bodies and menstrual cycles may shift as well.  Here are two vital tips to help you stay in optimal shape to have a baby.

Regular GYN visits are essential. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of May Thinking About Being A Momma Part 1cure. Knowing that all is well with your yoni, and/or catching and addressing an issue earlier on, is worth it’s weight in gold.

Maintaining an ideal weight is key.  While it varies for each woman, there seems to be an ideal weight that makes conception so much easier. Its like butter melting on hot toast.  Conversely, being overweight or underweight can be problematic. Body Mass Indexes (BMIs) get you in the ballpark, but the ideal weight is purely distinct to the needs of your own body.  If you are overweight, or underweight, get the help you need, and above all, eat delicious, clean whole foods that nourish your body.  Under eating is no one’s friend, regardless of being over or underweight.

Love being a woman,
Dr. Danett