My Sister, The Moon

From a Chinese Medicine standpoint, all phenomena in the world can be categorized into yin and yang. As women, we are yin. The moon is also classified as yin. The moon exerts its powerful influence on everyone and everything on our planet. As women, we have a particularly strong connection and relationship to the moon.

Some of our menses line up with a particular phase of the moon, be it new or full. Looking to the moon (and noting how we feel at its various phases) is a key way to plan our health and lives as women. For instance, you may notice that you usually get your cycle close to the new moon. Leading up to that day (and/or during your cycle), you might schedule some quality “me time”. This is important for all women, but especially if you notice that your energy tends to be lower at that time.

If you notice that you are quite emotional during the full moon (as many of us are), or have lots of energy at this time, you may want to plan ways to channel that energy productively- i.e. meditating or working on special projects. Its also important to be conscious of your environments, and mindful of how they are supporting your health goals. Keep in mind that the influence of a new or full moon can still be felt two days before or after it takes place.

Throughout the ages, many indigenous people have used the phases of the moon to implement, cultivate, or terminate certain activities. The Farmers Almanac can be an excellent way to know about different types of moons and suggested activities during that time.

So, note how you feel at different aspects of the moon and follow your intuitive wisdom for planning your health and your life at these powerful times!

Love being a woman,
Dr. Danett