Increasing Libido

YB Blog Nov 3 LibidoSometimes I get asked the question of how to increase libido. The first thing to remember is how smart our bodies are. If you have not quite been in the mood, there is probably a good reason for this. Sometimes your body, and or mind has other things that it needs to put more energy towards and that libido becomes less of a priority. Also, based on your age and stage of reproductive life, there are ebbs and flows of hormones that may kick in. For example, if you on some level are ready to have a baby, libido may increase. Or if you are not at that stage of life, your libido may mirror that on a biological level. Nevertheless, for those who just want some practical solutions, check out the below, then as Drake would say “Thank me later”.

Foods that can help to increase libido include foods rich in vitamin e, such as sunflower seeds/oil, peanuts, and asparagus. Kiwi and fresh oyster can also serve as an aphrodisiac (or if you are not feeling as adventurous, the oysters by themselves). Also, foods that are high in zinc and or protein such as cashews, mushrooms, shrimp and beef (please only consume the beef and shrimp in modest quantities and frequency, as these foods are warm/hot energetically and can exacerbate some conditions). Increase your kegel exercises, or start doing them if you are not already and don’t forget to diffuse some patchouli essential oil. Enjoy!!!

If you still would like additional assistance, to boost your libido, or assistance with women’s reproductive health, there are additional natural remedies. To find out more, send us an email or schedule a consultation.