Honoring The Winter Solstice and Ourselves

YB Blog Dec Winter SolsticeHappy winter solstice! It is the day of the least amount of sunlight, thus the time of the most darkness. From an Chinese Medicine standpoint and it’s central tenet of yin and yang, darkness corresponds to yin, As women, we are yin, and as such it is a very powerful time for us.

On this most auspicious day of the winter solstice I hope that all of us as women get to take as much time as possible but even if it’s just a few minutes to sit in quiet and appreciate our accomplishments over this year, feel the earth beneath our feet, and breathe slow and deep. Giving ourselves the space that we need for whatever it is that we want to create. Whatever our personal goals, whether they are health related, love related, self related, relationship with others related, career related that we get to tap into this very powerful time and though spring seems so far away that this is the perfect time to plant those seeds in our consciousness, for what it is that we want to create. As we enjoy ourselves this holiday season that we get to maintain our ground, boundaries and goals and if we fall off, we get to help each other get back on. Together, let’s just take it moment to moment.