Heavy on the water, light on the sugar: Tips for a Healthy Yoni

Aug Blog Heavy on the waterWhile ice cream and slushies can taste and feel so good in summer, the accompanying sugar can aggravate or contribute to undesirable yoni health. When picking your cold treats, try to choose ones that are low in sugar, as they contribute to dampness. You can also make a fruit smoothie of your own with berries, almond milk, and a little apple juice, or even better still, treat yourself to a coconut based yogurt.

Drink plenty and plenty of water. This helps to keep your whole system flushed, including your yoni. It will help to flush your body of any extra sugars, including alcohol, which converts to sugar. This brings us to the next tip… if you regularly drink alcohol, try cutting whatever you drink in half or lower. While drinking alcohol is common, it can still contribute to a lack of yoni health. Alcohol can contribute to heat, a leading cause to a non harmonious yoni environment, from a Chinese Medicine standpoint. Fried foods can too. Damn, there goes the Booze Cruise! But don’t fret. It is important to focus on what one can have, as opposed to just what to eliminate. That is just what this next post will do! Stay tuned for more!

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett