Guidance Counselor: A Good Gynecologist

YB Blog Sept Guidance Counselor Gyn 2015Now that we’ve got our schedule, it never hurts to have a check in with your guidance counselor. For the purpose’s of Back To School for Your Yoni, that would be your gynecologist. Annual check ups to your gynecologist is essential for yoni health. This includes getting any questions answered that you may have, and reassessing your current methods of family planning. Sometimes, even when we feel that everything is okay and we have no complaints, getting a pap smear and having a check in with your doctor, can do a world of good. If everything is okay, then that’s one less thing to have on your to do list until next year. If something is found, early detection for anything allows for increased likelihood of easier and total healing, right? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It is essential to have a good and comfortable relationship with your gynecologist. If either factor is missing, then why would anyone want to go? As women, we deal with enough as it is, your gynecologist is the last relationship that you should have a single doubt, worry, or uncomfortable feeling.

In addition to gynecologists, there are licensed nurses that perform well women’s care visit. These practitioners may provide natural as well as western medical options. Two of my favorite well women’s care practitioners are Memaniye Cinque (Brooklyn, NY) and Jeanette Breene (Baldwin, NY).

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett