Ready to help prevent fibroids from coming back?

The Not For The Masses Program Has Solutions!
Not For The Masses Program

Fibroids are common but are not healthy. While they are benign, fibroids can cause a host of issues

If you’ve experienced heavy periods know the worries that can come from just leaving the house, or walking to the bathroom at work. 

If you’ve dealt with any of these symptoms, you know how draining it can all be. 

If you’ve
 had fibroids removed, you know that it is something that you never want to go back to.  

If you’ve
 witnessed family members go through this, you know that it is something you want to avoid. In its thousands of years old wisdom, Traditional Asian Medicine understands the cause of fibroids and can help prevent the occurrence and growth of fibroids and other masses.


Not For The Masses Program

This program combines the ancient wisdom of Traditional Asian Medicine and modern clinical research to safely and naturally balance the factors within the body that create fibroids. This frees the body’s energy up to have healthier periods, increased peace of mind, and getting and keeping your life back!

Help Shrink Fibroids and Cysts

“I wanted to share with you that the doctor said my fibroid and cyst got smaller, so just wanted to let you know and send a note of thanks! I am looking forward to continuing to follow the Not For The Masses program!”

S.J., Brooklyn NY

Balance Your Health

“Since doing the program I’ve noticed how my body is correcting itself and feeling more balanced. My periods have become more healthy. I just feel better. For anyone who really wants to prevent fibroids and help being healthier, do the Not For The Masses Program!”

-R.C., Brooklyn NY

Benefits of The Not For The Masses Program

Decrease of the growth of fibroids and other masses like cysts  
Increased Reproductive Wellness (Fertility, Menopausal Symptoms)
Energy Boost
Better Overall Wellness
More Balanced Emotional Health Promotes Longevity

The Not For The Masses Program IS for you if you:

  • Have a personal history of fibroids and want to take action towards having them not return
  • Would like to work preventively on your health to help lessen the development of masses in (Cysts, Endometriosis, etc.)
  • Have asymptomatic fibroids and would like to work preventively
  • Not in a fibroid emergency
  • Have people in your families who have dealt with or are dealing with fibroids and would like to work preventively
  • Are ready to take more charge of your health
  • Ready to prepare your body for the next chapter in life (motherhood, menopause, etc.)
  • Want more energy
  • Would like to give your health a boost for preventive care
  • Are interested in slowing down the negative effects of aging
  • Ready to create or strengthen your current healthcare program to boost overall wellness

The Not For The Masses Program is NOT for you if you:

  • Are actively in a fibroid emergency
  • Have symptoms from fibroids (pelvic pressure and or pain, painful intercourse, etc.)
  • Have heavy bleeding
  • Are on blood thinners (Coumadin, Warfarin, etc,)
  • Are looking for a quick fix
  • Pregnant
  • Nursing
  • Actively seeking to get pregnant
  • Have a serious illness.
Not For The Masses Program

Let Ancient Wisdom and Clinical Research Work For You

Did you know that according to Traditional Asian Medicine, many of the same factors that create fibroids, create other masses like cysts and endometriosis? Doing The Not For The Masses Program helps to bring balance to the body to help prevent fibroids and other growths. It helps fibroids, but so much more. The program is crafted to address other factors that cause health issues and accelerate aging including inflammation, poor circulation and energies of the body that are commonly weak. Doing the Not For The Masses Program helps prevent fibroids and set your body up for true wellness!

The Not For The Masses Program Includes

  • 10 Day Healthy Inflammation Response Program
  • Drives down inflammation, a key cause of fibroids
  • Includes herbal capsules, powder,
  • Program Guide (digital and hard copy)
  • Detailed Nutritional Plan
  • Eastern nutrition dietary recommendations to help prevent fibroids
  • Key dietary habits to help prevent growths
  • Not For The Masses Phytomedicine Program
  • 3 month supply of clinically researched phytomedicines that helps to decrease and prevent fibroid growth
  • Tutorial on how to implement
  • Qi Gong Daily Practice Video
  • Guided internal healing exercise that helps to promote circulation to the womb, balance hormones and calm the mind
  • 3 Month Supply of Yoni Steam Herbs
  • Safe and gentle herbs to locally improve the health of your womb
  • Key lifestyle recommendations to decrease fibroids and promote longevity
  • Vital information on the #1 cause of fibroids and strategies to combat
  • 1 bottle of hormone balancing essential oil
  • Tips on integrating the program into your life
  • Biweekly videos to guide you through each phase of the course during the 3-month program
  • Lifetime access to the program

Help Prevent Fibroid Growth and Promote Longevity with The Not For The Masses Program!

“I’m so happy that I finally understand what contributes to fibroid growth and am actively doing something to help stop them!” 
– J.D. Brooklyn, NY

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