Fall: One Of The Best Times To Detox!

While many people love the whole notion of doing a detox with the new year in January, there are other times that doing a detox can have more health benefits. In traditional Asian medicine, because there is a close relationship between nature/our environment and our health, we look to the seasons for guidance.  While a detox can be done at any time and health considerations may vary based on the individual case, fall and spring tend to be the best times to do a detox.

Summer and winter are the times of of extreme yin (associated with cold) and yang (associated with heat). Because fall and spring are times that are the least of extremes they tend to be the best time to do a detox. Also in each season, we look at the energy that corresponds with it. The organ energies that dominate in the fall time are the lungs and large intestines. The ancients knew about this way before it was coined in modern times as “flu season”. 

To be healthy in the fall, it is extremely important that our lungs stay clear as well as our large intestines be able to fully eliminate that which it does not need. This makes fall one of the perfect times to do a detox (the other is spring- more about that in another article). Not only can doing a detox in the fall help to improve your respiratory and colon health, it is also important because it prepares your body for the following season. In the colder months of winter, we naturally tend to eat heavier to help our bodies stay warmer. Doing a detox in the fall helps our bodies to work more efficiently in the winter months and helps immune system health. To learn more about a detox that can be done in the fall and works well with lots of benefits click here. 

Take good care and love being a woman,
Dr. Danett