Dr. Danett, Featured Panelist at The Unmentionables Film Festival, NYC!!

BREAKING NEWS: Its happening, friends! Yoni Box Blog is an official partner of the Unmentionables Film Festival, beginning this Sunday here in NYC!!! Check out their awesome schedule of events and get your tickets.

I will sit on the remarkable “The Stranger Within: Fibroid Stories” film’s panel with its directors, and fellow women’s health experts Dr. Millicent Comrie and Queen Afua. I only have one word here, folks… POWERFUL.

Oh and BE SURE to visit the Red Tent Marketplace, a free community event where festival attendees (in their eloquent words) “have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wondrous world of menstruation”. Aaaahhhhh (heart melts)!!!!  I will be offering signature “Back to the Middle” acupuncture treatments, herbs, one-on-one consultations and much more at the marketplace. Step into the RED!!!!

The Unmentionables Film Festival

Check out the trailer below, so you can get as excited as I am! Oh yeah, tweet/share thisTweet: @unmentionableFF is more than media. Its a movement, addressing vast realities & profound impacts of #menstruation for wmn around the world.

In my opinion, there’s almost nothing more important… PERIOD. #justsaying Join us!

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett