Dr. Danett Bean

Women's health specialist, author, speaker.

Dr. Danett Bean (Doctor of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine) is committed to assisting women to attain and maintain physical, emotional and spiritual health during this crucial time of COVID-19. Please follow the recommendations from the CDC.




Schedule 5 minutes of one on one time with Dr. Danett to see if/how she can be of assistance to you in meeting your health goals and being prepared in this changing world.

Improving Maternal Health

Looking for help in having a healthy and safe pregnancy and labor during the current crisis? Dr. Danett can help.

Help keep your immune system strong

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Mission Statement

Helping women of all ages achieve ideal health by supporting their natural life cycles with the wisdom of traditional Asian medicine.

Keeping It Trendy: Support For Teenagers


The teenage years can be both wonderful and complex. This safe yet effective flower essence blend can help support teenagers through transitions, increase/maintain confidence and self love.

1 oz bottle (small): $20

2 oz bottle (large): $35

Teenagers may also find Keeping It Real: Natural Beauty Support helpful for clearer skin.

Keeping It Calm: Emotional Support

Keeping It Calm Program

Reduce anxiety and the negative effects of stress with our Keepin It Calm Program!


  • Keeping It Calm Kit of Dr. Danett’s favorite reducing anxiety tools: herbal capsules, essential oil and Keeping It Calm flower essences blend
  • Video Lesson on breathing techniques, Qi Gong and “Aroma-Pressure”
  • Video Lesson on lifestyle and nutritional recommendations for increased calmness

Benefits can include: Reduced feelings of anxiety and depression, increased overall sense of well-being and peace and better sleep

Keeping It Calm Kit: $97

Refill of products for the Keeping It Calm Program.


Dr. Danett’s favorite reducing anxiety tools: herbal capsules, essential oil and Keeping It Calm flower essences blend

Keeping It Calm Flower Essences: $62

Gentle blend of flower essences that can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, and increase feelings of peace.

1 ounce bottle (small): $20

2 oz bottle (large): $35

Keeping It Fresh Program

Would you love to know what you can do to be able to have a baby? The mystery is removed and the power is in your hands with the Keeping It Fresh Program. Learn essential practices that you can begin to implement towards increasing your fertility.

The whole notion of getting pregnant can be daunting, but Dr. Danett will help make this beautiful process more manageable. Utilizing the wisdom of the thousands year old traditional Asian Medicine system and her 20+ years of clinical experience, women’s health specialist Dr. Danett Bean, (Doctor of Acupuncture & Asian Medicine) will guide you through this life changing monthly subscription program.

Monthly Subscription includes:

1. Fertility Enhancing Herbs
2. Tutorial Video with Fertility Focus of the Month
3. Materials to Assist with the Fertility Focus of the Month
4. Monthly Check-In Calls

Perfect for women who know they want to be able to conceive, or at least have the option to conceive when they are ready.

$129 (subscription, each month for 1 year)

Keeping It Fresh Monthly Herbal Supply:

Keeping It Fresh herbal blend is specifically designed to support optimal health naturally by enhancing the important energies of the body that decline with age. It supports reproductive wellness, healthy aging, metabolism and energy levels. $47 per bottle

Keeping It Cool: Menopause Assistance

Our Keeping It Cool Program gently assists the body to diminish the unpleasant signs of menopause including hot flashes, irritability and sleep difficulties. Program lasts for 3 months.


1. Herbal capsules for internal use with anti-aging properties
2. Essential oil
3. Video tutorial to guide you through how to use the products
4. Acupressure/“Aroma-Pressure” Video Tutorial
5. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations with maintenance plan

Benefits can include:

lessening of hot flashes, more balanced moods, improved sleep and overall wellness, slowing down of negative aspects aging

$129 (subscription for 3 months)

*Keeping It Fit and Keeping It Clean can also be helpful.

Keeping It Juicy: Vaginal Dryness Support

Vaginal dryness is no one’s friend, luckily our Keepin It Juicy Program has just what you need to help your yoni (Sanskrit term for vagina) get back on track! This program safely and naturally promotes healthy tissues and lubrication of the vagina by addressing the roots of vaginal dryness from a Traditional Asian Medicine.

Benefits Can Include: Decreased vaginal itching and burning, and more enjoyable sex.

Keeping It Juicy Program lasts for 1 Season/3 months and includes:

1. Herbal capsules for internal use
2. External herbs for yoni steaming
3. Videos to guide you through how to use the products
4. 1 Qi Gong (internal martial art) lesson
5. Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations and Maintenance Plan

$129 (subscription for 3 months)

Keeping It 100: Healthy Aging Support

Slow down the negative effects of aging, and increase longevity with the Keeping It 100 Program. TheProgram is tailored to address the imbalances that often accompany aging which can decrease quality of life and health and work safely with your current medication regimen. Each program may include any of the following modalities: herbal therapy, eastern nutrition, acupressure, “aroma-pressure”, yoni steaming, flower essences, aromatherapy, qi gong, detoxes, supplement protocols, lifestyle, etc.

Benefits can include: Improved Energy, Better Circulation and Decreased Pain, Increased Overall Wellness, Stronger Bones and Stronger Immune System.

Start today by scheduling your Complimentary Virtual Evaluation here!

Keeping It Real: Natural Beauty Support

Experience more of your true natural beauty with the Keeping It Real Program. By addressing your individual health and working from the inside outclearer skin, healthier hair and more can be yours. Program includes herbal medicine and nutritional recommendations.
Initial Virtual Consultation is required, but you can begin with a Complimentary Virtual Evaluation here!

*Cost of products is not included in consultation

Keeping It Clean: Detox Support

The cleaner our bodies are on the inside, the healthier they are. Receive the. detox Support your body needs with any of the following detoxes:

1. Lessen environmental and accumulated toxins
2. Give up smoking/Reduce the effects of smoking and second hand smoke
3. Give up alcohol addictions and heal it’s long term effects

Initial Virtual Consultation is required, but you can begin with a Complimentary Virtual Evaluation here!

*Cost of products is not included in consultation

Keeping It Fit: Healthy Weight Support

The benefits of being at a healthy weight are extensive, from decreasing prevalence of cardiovascular complications, diabetes, joint issues, and the list goes on, but if you just want to lose weight to fit into that outfit you love, Dr. Danett can you help with that! :blush:

Program is 6 weeks and includes detox and herbs to safely lose 1-2 lbs a week based off of your current health state and compliance. Initial Virtual Consultation and 2 week follow-up visits are required through program. Schedule your Complimentary Virtual Evaluation so that Dr. Danett can confirm that this program is a good fit for you!


Dr. Danett Is Available For Speaking Engagements, Particularly As Focused On Improving Maternal Health And Decreasing Racial Health Disparities.

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