Celebrate National Women’s Health Week by Paying Attention to Your Mental Health!

The state of one’s mental health can not only make or break the kind of day that we have, but also our health in the short and long-term. There are many variables that create one’s mental health state. Of the many variables, one thing that can consistently be helpful is the importance of remembering the community of life that we all belong to. This includes recognizing and living in accordance with the various natural cycles and energies that exist. Such cycles include one’s reproductive cycle, the current season, the phase of the moon and what is going on astrologically. ¬†These are factors that influence us all.

Having ideal mental health can be complex and challenging. Figuring out how to enjoy life and not be alone are key ingredients to good mental health. When we remember that we are a part of a larger web and strive to live in harmony with the pervading natural energies, emotional and physical health naturally vastly improved. Check out an oldie but goodie Yoni Box blog on living in harmony with the cycles here and below find more information on mental health from National Women’s Health Week.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett