Bustin’ Out: Stand Up for Your Breast- Part 1

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Ever since the days of junior high, a preoccupation with our breasts began for us girls. This preoccupation, I believe, is socially induced and unnatural. The pain of scrutinizing (any part of) yourself to look like something other than what you are… All in the hopes of looking ‘grown and sexy’, which ironically fades once you become the (definitive age of) ‘grown and sexy’. We all know how we want our breasts to look in an outfit, but we aren’t taught the important care and health for this very important part of our body. (Click to tweet this!)Tweet: We know how we want our breasts to look in an outfit, but we aren't taught important care & health for this very important part of our body.

From a Chinese Medicine standpoint, certain channels (or energy pathways) pass through the breast.  In fact, some of these channels are extremely important in treating women’s overall reproductive health. These channels include the liver, stomach and kidneys. Other channels pass through the breast, but in particular, the health of these (mentioned) organs can affect the breast on an energetic level and vice versa.

While it is a wonderful thing and life-saving tool to know about doing breast self-exams as a means of early detection (of masses), let’s further consider what we can do to prevent or lessen the likelihood of masses happening at all.  Here are some key things you can do for breast health:

Being relaxed and having a positive outlook on life is key.  Stress and negative energy causes qi (life energy) to stagnate, and where there is a lack of movement, trouble can follow. Stress in particular can impair the movement of the qi of our liver, whose channel passes through the breast. Identify your stressors, and eliminate them. Surround yourself with positive people and spend your time in positive environments.  This will keep you and your body’s qi happy and flowing well.

A healthy diet is important, but why? Processed and junk foods are less nutritious, and therefore, they have less qi.  Additionally, certain foods/drinks (i.e sugar and dairy) tend to create more growths in the body. For meat eaters, it is very important to eliminate meats that have been treated with hormones. If the meat’s packaging doesn’t say “no hormones”, its a safe bet that it has them. Instead, choose wild and organic meat and buy products, such as ‘organic pastured’ eggs.

So relax, surround yourself with positivity and eat a clean diet. Stay tuned for the next blog, as we continue to focus on breast health and take down radiation.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett