Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil

Experience the benefits of one of Dr. Danett’s favorite essential oils to balance hormones and reduce the negative effects of stress for women of at all ages. Essential oil can be put in diffuser or inhaled.

Not For The Masses Yoni Steam Herbs

Improves circulation to your womb and balance your yoni ecosystem with this mild aromatic blend of herbs. Can be helpful for a wide variety of female reproductive health issues: including: fibroids, endometriosis, and other masses. Includes 3 month supply/9 bags (each bag can be used for 1-2 sessions).



Bleed between your period, or this has happened within the last 6 months

Are pregnant

Are trying to get pregnant and are ovulating or you are in the second half of your cycle

Have your period

Have a burning vaginal itch

Have tubal coagulation

Use Nexplanon


Keeping It Cool Perimenopause Herb Bundle

Decrease hot flashes, increase energy, and improve your mood and sleep while supporting your hormones naturally through the amazing time of perimenopause with our Keeping It Cool Perimenopause Herbal Kit. Includes two of Dr. Danett’s favorite herbal capsules and directions on how to take. 

A Taste of Our Own Medicine

Essential reading for any future or current mothers and fathers, for those who care about them and our communities!

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version!

“In giving us A Taste Of Our Own Medicine, Dr. Danett has brought much needed attention to the often overlooked but very significant health of the mother postnatally. Her wisdom, love, and caring shines through as she marks a key step towards the preservation of women’s health.”


Ray Morgan, OMD, PHD