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The Key To Your Wellness Is Within You

Your body has a natural healing intelligence that knows how to keep you well. When your body’s healing intelligence is supported, all aspects of your health can be boosted, health concerns can be prevented or gotten rid of. You can increase your quality of life and longevity when your natural healing intelligence is working optimally

Using the ancient wisdom of Traditional Asian Medicine (one of the oldest medical systems on the planet), along with cutting edge technology and her more than 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Danett can help you to understand what your body is saying, support your body’s healing intelligence and help you meet your health goals with a plan customized for you.

Steps To Optimal Wellness

Step 1: Understand The Roots of Your Health And Support With Herbal Medicine (Virtual)

Really get to the root of your health concerns and learn what to do to improve your wellness with this virtual consultation. Includes: analysis of your medical history, review of lab work & current health protocols, diagnosis within constructs of Traditional Asian Medicine, review of diagnosis, and customized herbal and lifestyle recommendations to help you meet your health goals. Cost of herbs or recommended products not included.

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Step 2: Balance Your Qi (In Person or Virtual)

In Person: Receive Meridian Imaging, graphing of your qi/energy via a probe that is gently placed over points on your channels to assess wellness, as well as other diagnostics. Then receive any combination of acupuncture, laser therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure, heat therapy and or sound therapy to help balance your energy and reach your health goal.

Virtual: Be guided through a palpatory assessment and then learn specific points that you can use acupressure on to help balance the energies in your meridians and come closer to your health goals. PDF with images of points will be included.

Step 3: Harmonize Your Gut Microbiome

Virtual: To experience optimal wellness, your gut must by healthy. Learn exactly what is going on in your gut, so that you can bring balance to this essential system. Simply purchase kit, follow the directions once you receive your kit in the mail (which includes instructions on how to collect and submit stool sample and complete questionnaire). Once your gut microbiome analysis is complete (approximately 4 weeks) you will receive an email from our staff to set up a consultation with Dr. Danett to discuss your results and plan. Price includes cost of gut microbiome test and consultation with discussion of your results. Does not include any recommended supplements.

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Prenatal & Postnatal Sessions

Healthy Labor and Delivery Preparation with Prebirth Acupuncture

Have an even healthier labor and delivery with Prebirth Acupuncture Sessions. Starting Week 37 or 38 through delivery receive weekly safe, gentle and effective acupuncture to help prepare for labor and delivery. Session includes Traditional Asian Medicine diagnostics (tongue and pulse diagnosis) and acupuncture points to help address any discomfort, balance health, as well as points that research has found to help reduce mean labor time and medical interventions.

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Nourish Postnatal Wellness With Mother Warming Sessions

Postnatal care can greatly help a mother’s short term and long term well-being. After labor and delivery, put back in to yourself with this revitalizing session. Includes moxibustion (the indirect application of a heated herb) over your channels, as well as acupuncture to help nourish and replenish your qi and blood. A wonderful boost for you health and vitality postnatally. Sessions ideally happen 2 weeks after giving birth or as close to then as possible.