3 Essential Keys To Keep You Healthy This Holiday Season!

3 Essential Keys To Keep You Healthy This Holiday Season!

The holidays. They are supposed to be a time of love, warmth and more leisure times. All things that can promote health. But for many of us the holidays are anything besides healthy. Negative stress from family relations, eating the wrong things and or overeating, being sedentary and the list goes on. Well, let’s make a pledge to make this holiday season a healthy one for our minds, bodies, and loved ones. Now that would truly be in the holiday spirit! Plus it will keep you closer to your health goals, if you are working on weight maintenance!

1. Keep the self care going. If you know that there is an activity that really helps to keep you grounded and be at your best, i.e. going to the gym, having time to read, drinking enough water, prayer, keep that going. You can go on vacation, just not from the things that nurture you.

2. Maintain your exercise regimen, or if that is not possible, some form of exercise. This is really important as it helps your Qi or energy to keep moving and not stagnate, which can add to irritability, frustrations, plus if there was a ever time for endorphins, the holidays are it. A walk around the block, a few minutes on a stationary exercise bike and peddler, or some yoga, can be really helpful.

3. Encourage your digestion, by working to incorporate more easily digestible foods into holiday meals. From a Traditional Asian Medicine, some foods that improve digestion are apple, pineapple, papaya, radishes, turnips, barley and oats. Consider making a pineapple apple smoothie with a little ginger, or bake apples with a little ginger, cinnamon and honey on top. I also recommend a tasty tea that can be consumed after meals, to promote optimal digestion (click here to order).

Enjoy and love being a woman,

Dr. Danett