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How to Improve your dental health this winter

We usually don’t think about them until something is wrong. Maybe they’re not as white as we would like, or God forbid they hurt us, then we remember their importance. I’m talking about our teeth! Our teeth are responsible for the start of our digestion, which is essential to all of our body’s functions and […]

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3 Essential Keys To Keep You Healthy This Holiday Season!

3 Essential Keys To Keep You Healthy This Holiday Season! The holidays. They are supposed to be a time of love, warmth and more leisure times. All things that can promote health. But for many of us the holidays are anything besides healthy. Negative stress from family relations, eating the wrong things and or overeating, […]

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Spring Cleaning You For Wellness!

It’s spring and newness and freshness is in the air! This is the time when you may choose to do the ever popular spring cleaning of your home. Well, why not clean something that is even more important? You. That’s right, you. Many times we are so concerned with our house that we can overlook […]

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

As someone who has experienced sexual violations, I have worked hard for decades to reclaim all of myself. Assisting women for almost 15 years now in clinical practice, I’ve seen unfortunately how common sexual abuse is and how it impacts our health. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, self deprivation, weight management issues, painful periods, fibroids […]

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Thank you for coming out!

Thank you to the beautiful people who came out on Saturday to my Open House. Yummy food, great music and of course, amazing people! Stay tuned for more events in 2018 as this party kicked off an all year celebration of this being my 15th year in private practice!!! Love being a woman, Dr. Danett

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