With Your Partner: Let’s Talk About Sex!


With Your Partner: Let’s Talk About Sex!

Sexual partners have a very unique and important role with our yonis.  The direct contact with such a powerful, yet susceptible area can impact our yonis in several ways.  Obviously, on one end of the spectrum, they can bring pleasure, joy and exhilaration. However, on the other end, they have the potential to bring not so desired things, such as sexually transmitted diseases and less than ideal health to our yonis.  The way that their body chemistry interacts with our yonis must also be highly considered.

Your yoni should always feel good after intercourse.  Itchiness, pain or any bad feeling typically indicates some sort of allergy- to the contraception you are using, or to your partner’s semen, or seminal fluids.  Listen to your yoni.  It will indicate to you whether you two are really a good match… at least in that department!

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett