What is a Yoni?


I was so relieved when I learned the term “Yoni”. Finally, a word that I could use to reference my private part without sounding like a scientist, or just down right crass.

“Yoni” is a Sanskrit word that means ‘vagina and includes the womb and all of its parts’. It also translates to ‘sacred temple’.  And while there are alot of esoterics surrounding a temple, do we want our vagina and its health to be steeped in mystery from the very ones who walk around with them? (CLICK TO TWEET)

Too many times, I get questions from my patients about how to get rid of a yeast infection, or what is a good douche. And of course, there is my own personal journey of growing through the shame, humiliation and fear of having a yoni, to claiming it, and recognizing it as a seat of personal power. So once I named it, I was able to claim it, so to speak. I was able to think more and give attention to this very important part of me.

That being said, what about the things that we don’t know about our yoni could be helping us, or are hurting us? What if there was an informative place to foster better healing choices for our yoni? A place where we could learn about natural approaches and remedies that were safe and effective?

Imagine no more, the Yoni Box is here. The Yoni Box releases blogs on a five day cycle, like that of a menstrual cycle, and then approximately two weeks later, around ovulation.

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Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett Bean, Founder of Yoni Box Blog and Back to the Middle