Water For Fertility!

July Ovulation BlogOkay, okay. So this month’s cycle was all about water, so what could I possibly have to say about water and ovulation? As we know, ovulation is the time of our cycle when we as women are able to conceive. Whether you would like to get pregnant or not, drinking enough water is vital to good health, but, did you know that on top of all the other benefits, it can increase fertility?

When we are properly hydrated, it makes our cervical mucus more healthy which in turn helps a sperm’s survival and journey to an egg. Staying hydrated also helps to flush toxins out of the body which helps hormones to be more balanced. Drinking enough water also assists the proper transport and deliverance of hormones around the body. When our hormones are balanced and able to get where they need to, this helps fertility. So, drink half your body weight in room temperature filtered water and let nature take its course…

Love being a woman,
Dr. Bean