Water Filtration: A Necessary Good

Not only does the water that we drink affect our health and our yoni, but so does the one that we shower and bathe in. Our skin is our largest organ and readily absorbs all that comes in contact with it. Since water comes in contact with our skin frequently, we need to make sure that what our body is taking in is as pure as possible. Enter water filtration.

Water filtration is the process by which impurities are removed from water. There are water filters for the shower or bath (bath balls). Water filters on all sinks (kitchen and bath) are great, or if you are a home owner, a system that filters all of the water that goes through your house is wonderful.

Simple and usually pretty easy to install, water filtrations are an important way to limit our body’s intake of unwanted substances, and receive healthier and “softer” water. To learn more about water filters or to purchase, click here.