Want a healthy yoni? Tip #3: Water it!!

Want a Healthy Yoni? Tip #3: Water It!!

Taking in water is important for life, as well as, for yoni health. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep our bodies flushed. When our bodies are not flushed out, waste can accumulate, and our yonis can be one of those potential places.  Drinking adequate amounts of water can help to keep yeast and other undesirables out of our dreamstimefree_166477bodies and yonis. It can also be helpful in lessening vaginal dryness. However, whether you experience vaginal dryness, or not, drinking plenty of water is essential. How much water? Generally, it is estimated, half of your body weight in ounces. So, someone whom is 128 lbs, would drink 64 ounces on a daily basis. Room temperature and filtered water is best.

Taking baths is also an important way that water can help the health of our yoni.  Though showers are great, allowing your yoni to submerge in water is excellent and cleans much better internally. You can use Epsom salts and essential oils, like lavender or jasmine, or you can use your favorite bath product (as long as it has natural ingredients). It is wise to invest in a bath ball, or water filtration system, so that the water that you soak in is as pure as possible. Given that our skin is our largest organ, we are literally drinking our bath water with our whole body.

Some people think that a bath has to take a long time and or it is a luxury to be done only on certain occasions. Well, one… aren’t we all worthy of luxury!?!? And two, what an affordable luxury it is!!!  In terms of the time, here is a tip… While you are running your bath, do something else, and then once you are in the tub, stay in as long as you would a shower. If you live somewhere where you do not have access to a bath tub, or using the tub is complicated, you can get a container to do a sitz bath. Some local spas will give you access to their tubs for a nominal fee.  If you live near a beach that has safe water, you can also take regular dips there. The ocean is a very powerful healer for our yonis and overall health.

So remember, water is very important for yoni health. Drink half of your body’s weight in fluid ounces of room temperature purified water, and let your yoni soak in filtered water as often as you can.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett