Want a healthy yoni? Tip #2… Feed it!



Want a Healthy Yoni? Tip #2: Feed It!

There is a strong relationship between what we eat and the health of our yoni.  Generally, a diet that fosters good immune health is also good for our yoni. The key elements to such a diet are to eliminate the substances that tend to cause problems, and emphasize foods that boost the immune system. The foods we want to avoid are the usual culprits: sugar, white flour, fried foods and excessive alcohol.  The foods we want to focus on that boost our immune system include fresh vegetables, yogurt, coconut oil and garlic.

Some of these foods can also be used directly on our yonis. For example, plain yogurt can be applied to our external genitalia to help our yonis absorb good bacteria.  Organic fresh pressed coconut oil can be taken regularly internally (delicious on a piece of toast, or over popcorn) to help boost the immune system.  It can also be applied topically to your yoni to get rid of yeast.  Sesame oil can also serve this purpose.

So, eat a healthy diet and your yoni will benefit too. Stay tuned for Tip #3… Water for a Healthy Yoni!

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett