Want a healthy yoni? Tip #1… Let it breathe!

So now that we know why it is important to have a healthy yoni, let’s discuss what we can do to actually have one. Think of our yonis as a microcosm of ourselves. The basics of what we need to be healthy are the same things our yonis need. Let’s start with the most fundamental element- Air.

Being able to breathe is the essence of life.   Without air, we perish and so do our yonis.  As our yoni is a dark and moist place, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause health problems.  How do we make sure our yonis are getting proper air?  Wear cotton underwear (organic when possible) and or other natural fibers, such as silk.  These fabrics breathe and allow yonis to do the same. Go without underwear as often as possible. I’m not talking about to a job interview (well, I’ll leave that up to you! lol), I mean at home as much as possible and definitely to bed.

So let your yoni get lots of air as step #1 towards good health. Stay tuned for Tip #2… Foods for a Healthy Yoni!