Topicals for your Yoni: Clean up in Aisle 2… Literally!

August Blog Yoni TopicalsIn my last post, I mentioned yogurt as an excellent food to eat to help with yoni health, but did you know applying it topically is healing as well? You can use plain (no sugar) yogurt as a vaginal probiotic suppository, or as an oral probiotic. Apply it to your yoni for at least twenty minutes to soothe your yoni and help to balance your gyn-ecology. Make sure to wipe yourself properly afterwards.

Coconut oil, which is chock full of health benefits, can also be applied topically to your yoni to help clear excessive yeast. And did you know about cucumbers? They are also an excellent way to balance your yoni’s ecology. Star by skinning and removing the seeds. Next, cut it into about the size of a pinky finger and insert for an hour. You can repeat this… with a new slice, of course!

Now you and your yoni may be happier at the grocery than at the pharmacy!

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett