Tis the season to go within: Welcoming Winter (Part 2 of 2)

YB Blogs Dec 2015 Welcome Winter 2As we approach winter, our environmental landscape changes, as well as our inner. Colder weather, means that the intake of warm foods, like soups and stews are important for our bodies. If you are a meat eater, this is a better time to consume meat, than let’s say summer, as our bodies need more heat provided by healthy fats in the colder months. Always choose wild, organic, free range and pastured when possible.

Nutrition wise, along with eating heartier foods, beans are an excellent food to eat this time of year. If you notice, beans are shaped like little kidneys. Based on the doctrine of signatures, that is the appearance of foods can heal what it visually looks like, beans are healing to the kidneys, which is significant for many reasons. Kidney health is always important, but in particular, from a Asian Medicine standpoint their energy dominates in the winter. So, taking extra good care of your kidneys at this time is important. Also from a Asian Medicine standpoint, the kidneys also govern our reproductive health, making whatever you do good for your kidneys, good for your yoni.

Darker colored foods, are also healthier for this time of year. This is because the kidneys belong to the water element, which is one of the five elements (a basis for understanding and using Asian Medicine). There are many associations with the five elements, color being one of them. Black beans and seaweed are excellent for kidney health and thus for the winter months. Additional foods that are good for kidney health include: black eyed peas. Eating what is available to you locally, is Mother Earth’s special gift to you and contains nutrients that will give your body particular things that people living in your area on the planet needs.
Check back in tomorrow for a day’s menu of yummy goodness for you and your yoni.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett