Three Magic Foods To Help Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar With Traditional Asian Medicine!

Maintaining healthy blood sugar is an important step towards reducing potential health complications. While there are many modern advances that help so many lives, there is still a significant health disparity. In regards to those with type 2 diabetes, women are four times more likely to develop heart disease, compared to men whom are twice as likely. “African American, Hispanic/Latina, American Indian/Alaska Native and Asian/Pacific Islander women are more likely to have diabetes than white women” (CDC). Additionally women whom experience gestational diabetes are more likely to experience diabetes in future pregnancies and later in life.

For people whom have been diagnosed by their doctor as being borderline/pre-diabetic, diabetic, for those whom diabetes runs in their family, or are just interested in working preventively, the ancient wisdom of Traditional Asian Medicine can be helpful. Eastern Nutrition, the branch of Traditional Asian Medicine that uses foods based on their energetic quality to improve health has recommendations to help towards attaining and maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. Here are 3 favorites!

Root Vegetables
Root vegetables are an important way to maintain healthy blood sugar. Many root vegetables help to strengthen the energy of the spleen. This is important because spleen energy imbalance is often observed in those with diabetes. Root vegetables like celeriac, turnips and taro are often suggested. Root vegetables with an orangish color like yam and carrots have a particular benefit. Though technically a fruit, often the number one choice is pumpkin, which can be so helpful that for some, it is recommended to have a slice with each meal.

Bitter Melon
While bitter melon is anything other than what we expect when we eat a fruit (it’s name says it all!) it has been proven to lower blood sugar. It also many benefits, including being rich in antioxidants, minerals and B vitamins. For most people, bitter melon is best consumed occasionally. Make certain to monitor any health signs while taking and modify accordingly. It is available in its natural form, as a tea and as a supplement.

Chrysanthemum Tea
Chrysanthemum tea, or what is known as Ju Hua is an herb that can be helpful towards having healthy blood sugar. Chrysanthemum has a wonderful benefit of helping to prevent the buildup of “heat”, which in Traditional Asian Medicine can add to and complicate the patterns associated with diabetes. In addition it can help towards having healthy blood pressure and can benefit the eyes. Chrysanthemum is available in tea bag, or loose form.

Traditional Asian Medicine uses the doctrine of signatures, meaning that which is like itself can help to cure itself. For this reason it is sometimes recommended that those who eat meat, consume a soup from chicken pancreas. Any organ meat consumed should come from reputable, non-hormone, organic sources. As with all recommendations, stay in contact with your competent medical practitioner about the specifics of your health.

Stay safe and love being a woman,
Dr. Danett