The Unspoken

YB Blog Nov 4 The UnspokenAnd now let’s talk about an elephant in the room. Sometimes, it may be difficult to enjoy or have as great a sex life as you’d like because of past sexual traumas. Over the years, having been in a variety of settings of getting to hear people’s stories, unwanted sexual actions are unfortunately more the norm than exception. Meaning, whether it was someone at a club grabbing you inappropriately, having to get yourself out of somewhere before something you didn’t want happened, to things long ago when you were a child in the care of someone, unwarranted sexual behavior takes many forms. For many of us, these stories lay in our sub or unconscious because that was the only place they could go. If none of this has ever happened to you, consider yourself lucky, but from my experience what has been the majority has.

If this happened to you, or think it may have happened to you, find a safe space to talk about it, with a good friend, or women’s group. Having the opportunity to get out what has been hidden is extremely important for your health and in the case of healing from sexual traumas, essential for your yoni. Remember above all else that you are by far not alone, and in talking about it you are chipping away at the isolation that many of us face as women. Please note, that many men have experienced things as well, but have even less room than us to talk about it or admit it. While this blog is not written about men, I send love to them.

So remember breath deep, fully tell your story so you can heal from it. For additional assistance healing from traumas, check out our Healing From Traumas section, or make an appointment.