The Ovulation Equation: The Science of Your Personal Conception or Contraception

May Ovulation: Ovulation EquationIf  only they taught this in high school math class (sigh)…

Knowing when we ovulate helps us stay in charge of our personal decision to get pregnant or not. It also helps us take better care of our health and our yoni.

Ovulation happens approximately 14 days before your next period. For example, if your period comes each month on Day 28, you would be ovulating on Day 14. Its an easy equation, right?… 28 – 14 = 14.

Well, its not exactly. There are several things that can affect when your period starts, i.e. travel, new environments, stress, or positive or negative life changes. Therefore, an ovulation window is important because it helps to account for the variations of your period, from the shortest or longest time that ovulation could take place.

I suggest observing your period for three consecutive months (at minimum) to begin to accurately determine your ovulation window…

YB Ovulation Table





So what does this all mean? Knowing your ovulation window allows you to make more informed decisions about sex. Using healthy safe sex practices are a given, but if you want to limit the likelihood of getting pregnant, you may abstain or use at least two forms of contraception during your ovulation window. If you are wanting to get pregnant, you now know the best time frame to try.

It is also important to take in to account the longevity of sperm. While most sperm seem to have a significant reduction in capacitation (the ability to fertilize an egg) after 72 hours, some determined ones can hang around for five, and some instances 7 days trying to kick it to an egg- you know the type, lol.

So there you have it. Do the math for yourself + your yoni = peace of mind ; )

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett