The 5th Season?

We all know the seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter, but did you know that in Traditional Asian Medical theory there is a 5th season? It is called late summer. Though shorter than the others, late summer is considered to be its own season. And to be even more precise, anytime we are in a transition from one season to next, it is considered to be its own “late” period.

Late summer and times of seasonal transition correlate with the earth element and the organ energies of the spleen and stomach. These energies play a major role in digestion and many other essential aspects of health. In Traditional Asian Medicine, earth gives energy to the next element which is metal. Some associations of metal are the fall season and the organ energies of the lungs and large intestines.

Strong earth energy during times of seasonal transition can greatly help someone to have more robust health, decreasing the likelihood of getting colds and other pathogens. Two important ways that we can keep our earth energy strong during seasonal transitions is first to eat a very clean nutrient dense diet. This means staying away from junk foods, foods high in sugar, white flour, etc. Doing a detox during seasonal transitions, can be very helpful as well. This is especially true of the transition between summer and fall, and between winter and spring.

An important second way to keep earth energy strong during seasonal transitions is by maintaining a consistent schedule. This means doing as many activities as you can at the same time each day: meals, sleep, exercise, work hours, etc. Additionally during seasonal transitions, make certain to stay aware of the temperature highs and lows for the day. This helps to make sure that one is appropriately dressed for the weather.

May all your seasonal transitions be healthy and take good care.

Love being a woman,                                                                                                                                    Dr. Danett