September: Back To School For Your Yoni

YB Sept Blog 2015Summer to me always seems to go so quickly! September is here. Whether you are a teacher, student, parent of a student or none of the above, the Fall is often a reminder of “back to school”. And with back to school, comes shopping and class assignments. As we come into this time, let’s love and honor our yonis with a unique “back to school” checklist that can help us to have better health and a great year.

First item on our “back to school list” is clothes. If you haven’t bought yourself a new pair of underwear in awhile, consider doing so. Little things like that can uplift your spirit, and consequently your yoni’s. Make sure to pick natural breathable materials, like cotton or silk because its very important to give your yoni some air. Also, if you happen to purchase a pair of jeans, try to not make them skin tight, or if you do wear skin tight jeans, consider doing so only occasionally. Again, while it can be a cute style, suffocating your yoni is not.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett