Radiation Nation: Don’t Pledge Your Allegiance

June Radiation Elimination

Radiation. It pervades many of our environments, leaving us right in its midst. Reducing radiation as much as possible is good for overall health and important for breast health because of how receptive that part of the body and its fatty tissues are.  Here are some things to help you with Radiation Elimination.

Swap your microwave for a toaster oven.  While microwaves are convenient, the radiation that is typically emitted is unnecessary when a toaster oven can do the job just as good without radiation.  If you miss microwaved popcorn, consider purchasing some kernels and popping it yourself on the stove, especially in coconut oil! #delicious  If you are into frozen dinners, many frozen dinners work just as well, if remove the food from the plastic and put it into a heat safe glass pan, or add to a pan on the stove with a little water, or on a steamer.  However you choose to do it, while convenience is great, the added radiation from a microwave is not.

Some of the other common ways we are exposed to radiation are through some of our right hand friends, i.e. cell phones, televisions, tablets and computer screens.  Get rid of those things? Highly unlikely in 2015.  It’s okay, you don’t have to. Just use something that helps to reduce the radiation those electronics emit.

For cell phones, consider looking up the SAR rate before purchasing.  You can do so, at this website: http://sarvalues.com.  The lower the SAR rate, the better.  If the lower SAR devices just aren’t sexy enough for you, or are not equipped with what you need, purchase a cell phone radiation eliminator.

To reduce radiation from televisions and computers, put crystals around them.  In particular, clear quartz is an excellent one.

Lets radiate from the inside out… not the other way around.

Love being a woman,
Dr. Danett