Not For The Masses Program

The Not For The Masses Program


12 weeks of key ways to support the body’s natural healing intelligence towards preventing fibroids and masses include:

The Program Includes

  • 10 Day Supply of specialized herbal protocol: 1 jar of SP
  • Complete® Dairy Free powder, 1 bottle each of SP
  • Cleanse®, Cyruta Plus, Boswellia Complex, Black Currant Seed Oil.
  • Guidance of preparation for and through the protocol itself
  • Help balance the key energies of yin and yang to promote
    homeostasis and hormonal balance
  • Address the #1 cause of fibroids and strategies to combat with
    practice video
  • Guidance on how to integrate recommendations into your life
  • 1 bottle of essential oils to help balance hormones
  • Not for the masses journal
  • Membership to our Fibroid Prevention Facebook group and monthly call

Help Prevent Fibroid Growth and Promote Longevity with The Not For The Masses Program!

“I’m so happy that I finally understand what contributes to fibroid growth and am actively doing something to help stop them!” 
– J.D. Brooklyn, NY