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Keeping It Juicy: Vaginal Dryness Support


(subscription for 3 months)



Vaginal dryness is no one’s friend, luckily our Keepin It Juicy Program has just what you need to help your yoni (Sanskrit term for vagina) get back on track! This program safely and naturally promotes healthy tissues and lubrication of the vagina by addressing the roots of vaginal dryness from a Traditional Asian Medicine.

Benefits Can Include: Decreased vaginal itching and burning, and more enjoyable sex.

Keeping It Juicy Program lasts for 1 Season/3 months and includes:
– Herbal capsules for internal use
– External herbs for yoni steaming
– Videos to guide you through how to use the products
– 1 Qi Gong (internal martial art) lesson
– Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations and Maintenance Plan


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