Painful Cycles

It can be quite natural to feel the inner workings of your reproductive system during menstruation, or as the body prepares to menstruate. But, when it is not just feeling the inner workings, but there is pain, that is not fun. While many women regularly experience painful cramping around and or during their menses, does not make it healthy, it makes it common. If you have pain, your body is telling you something.

From an Asian Medicine standpoint, cramps often indicates that there is some sort of blockage of energy flow. To remedy this, it is key to have good lifestyle habits. These are generally good rules to follow at any time, but for at least one week before your cycle is due, abstain from consuming cold foods and fluids, and eating foods high in sugar, and bad fats. These substances can cause stagnation, which leads to painful cramps. Do your best not to stress out as this can also contribute to cramps from an Asian Medicine standpoint (though I know, easier said than done sometimes, smile).

Continue this lifestyle at least until your cycle is done. You should notice some reduction in cramps from these changes alone. If you still experience cramping, there are natural remedies that can help. Click here to book a consultation for individualized assistance.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett