Not For The Masses
Subscription Program

Not For The Masses
Subscription Program (3 Months)

Wellness Warrior Woman, helping your body prevent fibroids is an essential way to ward off negative effects like heavy bleeding, pain, fertility concerns, etc. Take control of your health with the Not For The Masses Subscription Program.


The Not For The Masses Subscription Program is a monthly step-by-step guide on key things you can do to support your body in helping to prevent fibroids. Here is how it works:


Every three months, you will receive a supply of Not For The Masses Phytomedicine, a specially crafted formula of herbs that have been clinically researched to help shrink/prevent the growth of fibroids. This blend specifically helps to:

Not For The Masses Phytomedicine Benefits include:

You will also receive:

  • Yoni Steam herbs that gently promote circulation locally to your womb
  • Monthly info sessions that teach you hands on ways to help your body towards preventing fibroids and other masses

$197/Billed every 3 months

“I started using this program after I had fibroids removed and they have not come back! I’m so thankful not to be dealing with fibroids again!"

A.K, New York