May Motherhood IntroIn post-celebration of Mother’s Day and for our entire May cycle, Yoni Box Blog broaches the age old topic of “Motherhood”.

As women, there’s quite possibly no other subject that touches us in such a deep and sensitive way. Many of us are having babies later in life, or not all. Some of us became moms at a very young age, while others fall somewhere in between. Rest assured that wherever you are in this spectrum, there have been triumphs AND challenges that have made you evolve into an even more powerful and knowledgeable woman.

Because of the common society emphasis of “capital over humanity”, few of us (if any) have gotten all of the resource we need around our reproductive health, particularly as it pertains to actual childbirth. It is essential for our common good and healing that we realize that not one of us individually has it all together, but together, we have it all.

Please enjoy this “Motherhood” series (The Question. The Pressure. The Journey. The Life) and share it with other women, with the hopes that it will spark meaningful and healing dialogue.

Love being a woman,
Dr. Danett