Motherhood… The Life.

May Being A Momma


I remember in one of my son’s first pediatric visits, his doctor mentioned one essential thing I must do for his health…  get out every day (by myself) and walk.

It made so much sense. In Chinese Medicine, we talk about a cycle of the elements. The mother element has to be healthy in order to pass qi or energy on to the child. Taking his advice and getting that space proved to be quite useful to myself, my son and our family.  It was a key lesson that, as a mom, regardless of your child’s stage of development, it is essential for us mothers to take care of ourselves first.

In the long run, our health inspires our children. They thrive from seeing us take good care of ourselves, while caring for them.  It also helps us to be honest about our own lifestyle choices. Do we only prioritize our child (and/or perhaps others) health because our own feels too complicated and overwhelming?

I am so thankful for my pediatrician’s advice, as well as the writings of Shefeli Tsebary’s The Conscious Parent. They have both allowed me to take responsibility for my health and well being, while doing such an important job.

Love being a woman… and a mother!
Dr. Danett