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Motherhood: The Journey.

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You are expecting!! Congratulations!!! During this memorable and sacred time, here are some things to consider implementing to enjoy this time even more and have it go well for you and your baby…

A Prenatal Yoga class is a great activity to do weekly, anywhere between one and three times a week, based off of what is recommended to you by your midwife or obstetrician.  Of the many wonderful things about Prenatal Yoga, including it preparing your body for childbirth, is getting to be in a group regularly with other pregnant women. Most classes have a go round segment in the beginning, where women share how far along they are and what they are experiencing.  It can be a nice way to know what to possibly expect, reminisce on what you already experienced, or just nice to be in good company.

Having a good birth plan and labor team are also great. Having a midwife or obstetrician whom you feel comfortable with, as well as a doula or labor support person, is great and never to early to plan for.

A wonderful diet of organic whole foods is essential to replenish the nutrients that your body is giving to your baby. Taking a prenatal vitamin is important now through the end of breast feeding, should you choose to.

Acupuncture pre-birth treatments are a wonderful way to relax and help your body to further prepare for labor.  These treatments begin week 37 and have been shown to reduce labor time by hours.  To find out more and/or schedule an appointment, click here.

A good nap, particularly in the afternoon, nice walks without overexerting yourself, and enjoying yourself and being with your unborn are all wonderful things.  And of course…  drinking lots of water.  Stay tuned for our special manual on foods that are encouraged and discouraged, as well as activities based on your trimester. For more information, email me at

Love being a woman… and becoming a mother!
Dr. Danett


  1. Comment by Arda

    Arda December 20, 2015 at 2:13 am

    Another great tip that I followed after giinvg birth was to get plenty of rest and wrap my post partum tummy tightly. I see many girls/women out and about soon after giinvg birth. Now I know everyone heals differently, but for me I stayed home for 3 weeks before going out and I let my body heal. I also wrapped my tummy as soon as I returned from the hospital and it really helped with my post partum tummy. This time around I will be using my gift card that I won in the G swag bag giveaway to get some slimming shorts to help with that.

  2. Comment by July 4, 2020 at 10:07 pm

    The tips in this post would be a huge help for mothers to understand more about the journey to parenthood. This would really mean a lot. Thanks for sharing this one out

  3. Comment by Dr. Danett

    Dr. Danett July 24, 2020 at 8:57 am

    Thanks for reading post!

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