Keeping It Fresh Track: Fertility Support

Boost wellness before becoming a mama!

Fertility For Women 35 And Up Program

Learn invaluable information towards boosting your fertility in this self paced program. Designed by Dr. Danett and her many years of clinical experienced, she shares vital tools that you can begin to implement right away, whether you would just like to prepare your body to have a baby some day, or are ready to start today!

Feminine Balance For Women 35 And Up

Feminine Balance For Women 35 And Up is an herbal blend specifically designed to support optimal health naturally by enhancing the important energies of the body that decline with age. It supports reproductive wellness, healthy aging, metabolism and energy levels. The herbs used were chosen after careful clinical observation along with the wisdom of traditional Asian Medicine by Danett Bean, Doctor of Acupuncture & Asian Medicine and women’s health specialist. 100 capsules.

Feminine Balance For Women 35 And Up: 1 Season/3 Months Supply
Keeping It Clean: Detox Support

The cleaner our bodies are on the inside, the healthier we are. Our 28 day Keeping It Clean: Detox Support Program can help you experience increased energy, better digestion, improved sleep, weight maintenance, hormonal balance and many more benefits. Perfect for those whom are ready to prepare their body for the next chapter in their life (motherhood, menopause, etc.) or would like to give their health a boost for preventive care and healthy aging.

Keeping It Calm Bundle

Dr. Danett’s favorite natural remedies to decrease anxiety and improve feelings of peace. Kit comes with a 30 day supply of herbal capsules, organic lavender essential oil and 1 ounce bottle of Keeping It Calm Flower Essence blend.

A Taste of Our Own Medicine

Essential reading for any future or current mothers and fathers, for those who care about them and our communities.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version!