Keeping It Calm Track: Emotional Support

Balanced emotions at every stage for mental, physical and spiritual wellness!

Keeping It Calm Bundle $57.00

Dr. Danett’s favorite natural remedies to decrease anxiety and improve feelings of peace. Bundle comes with a 30 day supply of herbal capsules, organic lavender essential oil and 1 ounce bottle of Keeping It Calm Flower Essence blend.

Keeping It Calm Tincture $20 | $30

Keep It Calm with this gentle, safe blend to reduce anxiety. 1 oz bottle (small): $20/2 oz bottle (large): $30.

Teen-Easer Tincture $20 | $30

Safely and naturally support your teenager through transitions, increase/maintain confidence and self love. 1 oz bottle (small): $20/2 oz bottle (large)

Healing Loss and Found Tincture $20 | $35

Natural and safe support that can assist those whom have experienced loss. Safe for the elderly and anyone on medications, as well as for those who have miscarried. Price: 1 oz bottle (small): $20/2 oz bottle (large): $30