Keeping It 100: Healthy Aging Support

Optimizing health so you can enjoy good quality health and longevity!

Keeping It 100: Healthy Aging Consultation with Dr. Danett

Perhaps you are done with having children or just ready to focus on your health because you know you need to, our Keeping It 100 consultation can help you do just that. Keeping It 100 helps mothers of all age slow down the negative effects of aging, and increase longevity with a plan customized to optimize health, while working safely with any current medications. Benefits can include: Improved Energy, Healthy Weight Management, Better Circulation, Decreased Pain, Improvements with Chronic Health Conditions, Increased Overall Wellness and Stronger Immune System. Start today by scheduling your Initial Virtual Consultation here!

Keeping It Clean: Detox Support

The cleaner our bodies are on the inside, the healthier we are. Our 28 day Keeping It Clean: Detox Support Program can help you experience increased energy, better digestion, improved sleep, weight maintenance, hormonal balance and many more benefits. Perfect for those whom are ready to prepare their body for the next chapter in their life (motherhood, menopause, etc.) or would like to give their health a boost for preventive care and healthy aging.