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“I’ll try to be breast!” A Few More Words…

June Closing Remarks


“My breasts are just right and great… because they are.”  If you had any trouble believing this statement, its not your fault. We’ve all been sold a false bill of goods. Breast enhancement surgery and many breast enhancement creams are not supportive of breast health. Below are some additional thoughts to consider…

For good breast health it is important to minimize alcohol intake, and stop smoking and/or eliminate exposure to second-hand smoke.  If you, or someone you know, needs help, there are natural remedies for smoking cessation. Schedule a phone consultation with me to learn more. #nomoreashtrays ; )

Acupuncture and herbs can be very effective in assisting women with breast conditions, including fibrocystic breast, breast distention, mastitis, lymphadenopathy. Women with breast cancer can also receive assistance, along with the supervision and care of a competent, licensed medical doctor.

We hope you enjoyed this series on Breast Health!

Love being a woman,
Dr. Danett

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  1. Comment by Dee

    Dee October 11, 2015 at 8:24 pm

    My daughter is a liltte over 4 months now. About 5 weeks ago, I started supplementing with formula on occasion because I was having trouble pumping enough milk to sustain her (she began to refuse the breast after having the bottle during the days and breast at night). After a while of not breast feeding and only pumping, the milk starts to go down, so eventually she is mainly on formula.It is perfectly fine to give your baby formula and breast feed, I would suggest asking your pediatrician what brand he/she recommends for your baby. Keep in mind that if you do give some formula, it is likely that once you start, it will be a slow progression to solely formula. I was comfortable with that, as I was happy that she had formula solely for the first 3 months and she received the important immune building nutrients from me that were best. As for number of ounces, I always let her drink as much as she would like. During growth spurts she wnats more sometimes she wants less. Right now she drinks about 4 oz per feeding, and she is thriving well.

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